A Lizard’s Tail

June 25, 2017. Out near the Municipal Airport, I observed a lizard, which I later learned to be a baby black-spotted iguana, on the sidewalk. I kept a few feet between us, to better observe its behavior. The lizard seemed fairly unfazed by humans though-it barely moved at all when a young woman and man on a bicycle passed. It also didn’t respond when a car drove by. But naturally, it started to walk away after a while.
I took a chance and decided to follow the lizard. The little creature was largely nonplussed by my presence, allowing me to get close enough to get a good look at it. The lizard was roughly the size of your average house lizard, with a brownish-gray body that had black stripes. It also had a green head with an orangeish tinge on top, and black marks near its eyes. The iguana’s lack of immediate fear towards me and other approaching humans told me that it has likely had a lot of contact with humans, and is probably used to it at this point. As I crouched down to get a better look at it, the lizard looked right at me, perhaps studying me as well.
Finally, though, the baby iguana seemed to have had enough of me. When I tried to get a better picture of it on my phone, the lizard jumped off into the grass, running off. A pity, but ultimately unavoidable. Just being that close to it, close enough to have gotten a good look was a privilege. Since iguanas are so common in Belize, who knows? I might one day see the little fellow again, or one of its siblings/offspring.


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