Welcome to the Jungle

July 2, 2017. Today I was out with my brother, mom, stepdad, and some old family friends at their old farm in the mountains, one I’ve visited many times since I was a girl. After lunch, my brother and I headed off on our own to visit the waterfall where we’d swam so often. While at first it was gray and rainy, to the point I had to wear my brother’s sweaty, used rain poncho, it was still nice getting out. Seeing the grove of orange trees, trekking along the brown and green jungle, and seeing many grasshoppers and hotlips plants made it worth the puddles we had to wade through.

Sadly, once we reached the waterfall, we found it to be VERY overrun. Dirty brown water gushed over the rocks, and even over our usual dry spot, washing away any hopes we had of swimming today. It wasn’t all for naught though–as we crossed the bridge to go back, I spotted a beautiful little gray and orange jumping spider peering up at me with its many shiny orange eyes. Once we were back in the jungle, getting closer to the main road, my brother found a baby helmet head lizard on a tree. Naturally, he had to pick it up for a video, pointing out the lizard’s bony dewlap, changing coloration, and wide open mouth as it angrily tried to defend itself. The day may not have gone the way we hoped, but we still got to get some fresh air, stretch our legs, and see some amazing things; proving that it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.


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